Giverny | Artist | Christine CLOOS | Scuptures and collages

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Giverny | Artist | Christine CLOOS | Scuptures and collages
Christine CLOOS
87 rue Claude Monet
27620 Giverny
Phone : 33 (0)2 32 51 05 80
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Plate-bande n°17
1,20m x 1,20m


“I do not seek to paint a landscape
as it is in reality,
I paint the feelings it evokes,
the emotion that it produces
and of which I try to rediscover a trace.”













Born in Paris, lived and painted there until 1991.
Then settled in Giverny and work on iron :metal plates cut and welded in “ bas-relief “,
wall sculptures with a play on shadows and empty spaces, from a primitive reminder
of metal to the finess of gold leaves and glazed oil.

A synthetic vision of WATER, “Vertical and Horizontal Waters“,
and FIRE, “Smoke, Incandescence and Ashes“, and EARTH , “Arborescence“.



In 2006, work on canvas intervenes at the same time: :


Collages on canvas of raw linen and oil paining.

Horizontalité :”Landscapes of Beauce“ plowed, scratched fields, overturned earth, limited by the presence of barbed wire, infinite, contained and overflowing, furrows, fences, solitude, immutability, silence, between emptiness and material, between space and work.

“These papers that I use are made of natural fibers and, like a living fabric,
lead to the representation of the earth.”

“When I begin a collage, I let my intuition go – the imprint in me made by a landscape, a light, a season, a blade of grass, a feeling – without the help of reasoning. I allow for spontaneity. And I make use of accidents, the effects of the material that happen by chance and little by little, patiently, I redirect everything towards this initial idea glimpsed in an intuitive way but which is always the unifying thread. In the end, it is a balance between impulse andself-control.”


Plate-bande n°15 – 1,20m x 1,20m – 2018

There is, first of all, the gaze that embraces the whole garden
with its distant horizons, its perspective.
Then, there is the gaze that arises and concentrates on a parterre in close-up,
the gaze that wanders over this organized and structured jumble,
on these dense massifs composed of flowers, leaves, stems,mixed grasses, confused in a sort of disheveled bush,
on this corrected, enslaved and yet powerful nature, overflowing with an energy almost incontrollable, and constantly renewed.
The square format of the canvas forces to a similar gaze on different flowerbeds
erase the panorama
and acts in the same way as the hand of man over nature,
it restructures and contains the excesses of this vegetal always more daring in its crazy race for survival.




“Verticality”, Silhouettes drawn up,
links between ground and sky – 0,97m x 1,46m

A shimmer
A long silhouette,
A luminous appearance on somber foliage,
The birch filled with grace, a delicacy of boudoir.
Perpetual wanderer upon the winds, dispersing yonder of all shadows. Bitter colds give birth to 100 years of life,
Whilst sweet existence shortens her longevity
Her force equaled only by her supposed vulnerability.
The evolution of her species bringing her closer slowly, I am sure, to the great lineage of the Homos Sapiens.





from 25th of MARCH to 1st of NOVEMBER 2018 
(expo duo)
ESPACE 87, 87 rue Claude Monet, 27620 GIVERNY
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APRIL 2018 
Art Fondation International QU GUO JIN, résidence d’artistes à Xi’an, Chine

from 21st APRIL to 6th MAY 2018
Salon Confluent d’Art, Abbatiale Notre-Dame de Bernay



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