Pierre Corneille

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Pierre Corneille
Route des maisons d'Écrivains
125 rue de Longchamp
75116 Paris
Tél : 00 33 (0)235 236 235
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Pierre Corneille – Maison natale à Rouen
1606 – 1684

4 rue de la Pie
76000 ROUEN
Tél.: 02 76 08 80 88


Corneille’s family purchased the house in 1584.Living in Paris in 1662, Pierre Corneille left the house one year befoe his death.
Inaugurated in 1921 the museum contains, among others, some works of Pierre Corneille and a small ebony ” cabinet “, in a Louis XIII style.




Pierre Corneille – Maison des Champs à Petit-Couronne
1606 – 1684

502 rue Piere Corneille
Tél.: 02 35 68 13 89


The beautiful original period furniture depicts the lives of bourgeois in the countryside from Henri IV to Louis XIV’s time.Works from Pierre, Thomas Corneille and Fontenelle their nephew.Engravings and sculptures, archival documents, rare and original editions are also found in the house.Baker’s oven of the 17th century and vegetable garden.

(Traduction : Sandrine CHIFMAN)