Entrust me with your dog during your visit – Giverny

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Entrust me with your dog during your visit – Giverny

I take care of your dog for a bucolic walk of two hours so that you can enjoy your visit to Giverny.

Are you coming to visit Giverny and its beautiful gardens? Do you want to enjoy your visit without worrying about your dog being left alone in the car? Would you like to take your time in the bookshop of the Museum of Impressionisms, stroll through the galleries of rue Monet? Do you want to eat in one of the restaurants in town without forcing your dog to wait a long time at the foot of the table?

I have the solution to all these questions! I propose to take care of your dog during your visit to Giverny. Your dog will never be bored again. You will not be distressed at the thought of having left him alone in the car. You will not be deprived of visits in the event of strong heat or forced to stay with your dog at the entrance to the sites.

You can enjoy your visit with complete peace of mind thanks to my individual walk service. I pick up your dog at the entrance to your place of visit and I take him for a walk away from rue Monet during your visit to the premises. Your dog will be alone with me, possibly accompanied by my cocker spaniel. There is no shortage of green, shady and interesting places for your dog.

I will meet you at the same place as at the start to pick up your dog after two hours.